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NCPlus Dial-Up Features:
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • FREE additional email accounts
  • FREE email anti-virus 
    and spam filtering
  • Fast access up to 56Kbps
  • 10MB of storage or Web Hosting
  • FTP service
  • No pop-up advertising
  • No busy signals
  • No setup fees
  • FREE customer support
  • FREE dialer software quickly connects you to the Internet
  • Privacy - NCPlus won't sell your information

Quick Reference:

FTP: (save index.htm in your www subfolder)
Personal Pages:


NCPlus Dial-Up Pricing

  • Only $9.95 per month!
  • Or pay six months in advance for $49.75 ($8.29/month)
  • Or pay one year in advance for $89.55 ($7.46/month)

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  Tired of slow dial-up access? It's
  time to get rid of your slow modem,
  and get NCPlus high speed DSL!
  With NCPlus DSL, your Internet
  connection is always on, and always
  blazing fast!

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