NCPlus Accelerator FAQ:

The NCplus accelerator product will be discontinued as of Dec 31st 2007. In preparation for the termination of this product, new sign ups for the accelerator will no longer be permitted as of Sept 30th 2007. Customers who signed up for the accelerator before Sept 30th 2007 and who are currently using the accelerator will be allowed to continue using the accelerator product until December 31st 2007.


What if I want to continue with the accelerator after Dec 31st

The NCplus accelerator product was provided by Proxyconn, a third party company specializing in providing accelerator software to end users.  NCplus's contract with Proxyconn is ending however users who wish to continue using the Proxyconn product may sign up with Proxyconn directly at http://www.proxyconn.com/accelerator.asp 


If I sign up with Proxyconn directly and I have a problem with my accelerator who should I call?

Users who opt to sign up directly with Proxyconn should contact Proxyconn if they have any issues with their accelerator product.  Ncplus will no longer be able to provide customer support on this product.


I've paid for 6 or 12 months of accelerator service and my contract doesn't expire until after December 31st, may I continue to use the accelerator service until my contract expires?

No, unfortunately NCplus's contract ends Dec 31st.  Users who have prepaid until sometime after December 31st will receive a refund of the unused months of their contract on the same credit card with which they pay their bill or if the user pays by check they will receive a refund check in the mail


For additional answers, or to speak with technical support, please contact NCPlus's service department at:

Local: 206.337.0202
Toll Free: 800.259.4034
Local: 206.337.0201
Toll Free: 800.273.5231
Email: service@ncplus.net


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